The Titan is a bigger and stronger version of the Ender Golem.


They attack LootersRebel FarlandersWanderers , Iron Golemsand the player. Aside of the normal attacks, the Titan has a special attack with 3 variations:

  • The Titan grabs the player for a few seconds then throws him in the air;
  • The Titan grabs the player for a longer time, under the effect of Confusion, then throws him in the air;
  • The Titan grabs the player even longer than the previous attack, under the effect of Confusion, Blindness and Weakness, and then throws him in the air. 

Beware that while in the arms of the Titan, the player will be damaged, every second, with the Wither debuffAlthough it says the player mounted the Titan, even if you press shift you won't be able to dismount!

Berserk Mode

I'll start by saying that this mode is optional! If the Titan gets too challenging, you have the option to set this mode off on the config file.

When the Titan's reaches 25% of his health (around 33 health points) he'll enter the berserk mode. Every 15 seconds the Titan will heal about 15 - 20 health points and will also receive a few buffs (Strength, Resistance and Speed). The buffs last 10 seconds, which gives the player a window of 5 seconds before the next wave of healing and buffs. Keep in mind that the Titan will only regenerate if his health is bellow 25%, otherwise he'll exit the berserk mode. 

Side Note: The Titan can be killed before even healing a second time, so it's not that hard.

Drop loot

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